Products ( Waste Water Treatment Plant )
A clarifier is a device which clarifies Waste Water through the process of setting of heavy particles of sludge (impurities) as well as suspended matter in water. Sludge and suspended impurities begin heavier settle at the bottom of the clarifier tank. A scraper blade rotates at the bottom. The blades through their gradual sweeping action bring down the sludge and sediment material is continuously remove from the bottom of the clarifier tank. Some times in specific cases a scum removal mechanism is also provided to skim off the oil floating at the top clarifier tank.
• Lower installed cost.
• Easily installed indoors.
• Lower maintenance cost.
• Occupies less floor space.
• Minimal field labor required to install.
• Relief from the frequent maintenance of chocking bottom sludge pipe.
• No separate buying and installing of sludge recirculation pumps.
• No special construction R.C.C. dry sump.


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